Increase cash flow & make accounting super easy. Achieve financial efficiency with our tally solutions.

With SetuFi

Unlock the power of enhanced cash flow and simplified accounting with capitalsetu on your mobile.


Streamline Your Business

Eliminate Dependence on your Collection Managers and Automate your Collections


Understand your Cashflow

Make Better Business Decisions through deep insights about your business. Collate and view receivables in one place

Why Choose Us?


Optimised Cash Flow

Experience enhanced cash flow management, ensuring consistent liquidity for your business's growth.


Simplified Accounting

SetuFi on your mobile streamlines accounting processes, making financial management effortless.


User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy a seamless and intuitive mobile experience, empowering you to manage finances on-the-go.


Secure Data

Your financial information is safeguarded with top-level security on the CapitalSetu platform.


Efficient Invoicing

Send invoices instantly, accelerating payment collections for quicker cash flow.


Time-saving Automation

Automate repetitive tasks, saving time for strategic business initiatives.

How It Works


Sign Up and Connect at Mobile App Store

Search & Register with Setufi and set up your account.

Search & Register with Setufi and set up your account.


Access Real-time Insights

Gain instant access to real-time financial information.

Monitor cash flow, invoices, and expenses on the go.


Streamline Financial Management

Simplify accounting with user-friendly features.

Check Business Health Report

Optimize cash flow with timely payments and improved financial control.


What is SetuFi?

SetuFi is an innovative financial software solution designed to streamline accounting processes and optimize cash flow management for businesses of all sizes.

Is SetuFi suitable for my small business?

Absolutely! SetuFi caters to businesses of all scales. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features make accounting super easy for small and medium-sized enterprises, empowering them to enhance cash flow.

What key features does SetuFi offer?

SetuFi offers a range of features, including real-time data sync, expense tracking, automated invoicing, financial reporting, tax compliance support, and cash flow forecasting, enabling efficient accounting management.

Can SetuFi help with tax compliance?

Yes, SetuFi is equipped with tax compliance features, helping you stay on top of your tax obligations and file accurate returns, thus avoiding penalties and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Does SetuFi offer a free trial or demo?

Yes, SetuFi provides a free trial period and personalised demos to help you explore the software capabilities and determine how it can benefit your business.