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Why OrderSetu Order Management

OrderSetu empowers you to effortlessly handle orders, elevate customer satisfaction, and base decisions on actionable insights.

With OrderSetu, you're not just managing orders; you're optimizing your business for success.


Informative dashboards

Provides informative data about sales patterns, KPIs and inventory sales.


Account integration

Account integration with SetuBiz is the key to optimizing your order management and financial processes.


Built for SMMBs

The order management system has been built keeping in mind the needs of the small and medium manufacturing business.

How Does OrderSetu Order Management

System Work?


Order Creation

Create orders easily by inputting clients' details, products, quantities, and delivery preferences.


Inventory Management

OrderSetu syncs with your inventory data, ensuring real-time updates on product availability.

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What is Order Setu Order Management System (OMS)?

Order Setu OMS is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and optimize order-related processes for businesses. It encompasses order creation, processing, inventory management, fulfilment, and customer communication within a single platform.

How does Order Setu OMS benefit my business?

Order Setu OMS enhances operational efficiency by automating order processing, reducing errors, and providing real-time insights into your order lifecycle. It optimises inventory management, improves order accuracy, and enhances customer satisfaction through timely notifications and tracking

How easy is it to implement Order Setu OMS?

Order Setu OMS is designed for user-friendliness and ease of implementation. Our dedicated support team will assist you through the setup process, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing any disruptions.

Can Order Setu OMS help with order tracking and notifications?

Order Setu OMS provides real-time order tracking and automated notifications to keep your customers informed about their orders status. This transparency enhances the customer experience and reduces inquiries.

How does Order Setu OMS handle inventory management?

Order Setu OMS integrates with your inventory management system to provide real-time updates on stock levels. It helps prevent overselling, stockist, and improves overall inventory accuracy.

Can I customize Order Setu OMS to suit my business needs?

Order Setu OMS offers customisation options to tailor the system to your specific business processes and requirements. This ensures that the solution aligns perfectly with your operations.

What kind of customer support does Order Setu offer?

Order Setu provides dedicated customer support to assist you during implementation, training, and ongoing usage of the OMS. Our support team is committed to ensuring your success and maximizing the value you derive from the system.